Lord, I Need to be a Winner

My beautiful and awesome Sales Director, Toni Long, shared this poem with us last night at our Thrive Area quarterly meeting. I love it and wanted to share it with everyone I know. So many people don’t understand why I am so in love with my job. The first reason is exactly what this poem is about, being an example for the LORD!


Lord, I need to be a Winner
not for me, but for You
People are watching and
I am the example they will follow,

Lord, I need to be a Winner
to show someone else the way
I can touch more lives by being a success so,
I need to succeed today

Lord, I need to be a Winner
and I am willing to do my share
but knowing that all things good come from You
I need to know You’re there

Lord, I need to be a Winner
every day You give me life
and with Your leadership and Your strength
I know I can succeed in my business
and in my personal life

and Lord, when you help me Win,
and I stand to tell my story
I’ll always remember to give unto YOU
the Praise
the Honor
and the Glory

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